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Job Opportunities at REPOA Tanzania

Published by Ajira Zetu tz on Monday, March 26, 2018

Consultancy for Upgrading REPOA's website d  Finance & Administration Assistant
REPOA is a Tanzanian Think Tank established in 1994 whose mandate is to improve the lives of people through policy research. The mandate encompasses research work and active engagement in policy dialogue on promoting socio-economic transformation for inclusive growth. Our prim, research areas, which revolve around the production of policy knowledge and evidence, are grouped into three interrelated strategic research areas:

• Natural resources as foundation for economic growth and socio-economic transformation, which includes agricultural land, minerals, oil and gas, forestry, wildlife and fishery;
• Industrialization, enterprise development, and employment as pillars for economic growth and socio-economic transformation, which entails manufacturing, trade, SME development, informal sector upgrading, and labour market dynamics;
• Governance systems and social policy, with focus on social protection, accountability and service delivery.

REPOA is currently seeking applications for Consultancy services to Upgrade REPOA's Website and the position of Finance & Administration Assistant. For further details visit REPOA's website: http://www.repoa.or.tz/repoa/careers

1. Consultancy service to upgrade REPOA's website 
The purpose of upgrading the website is to make it more interactive and user-friendly to address the current technological advances. This is in line with the newly developed communication strategy that seeks to improve the information flow between REPOA and its various stakeholders so that they can exploit the services that arc offered by our institution.

2. Finance & Administration Assistant
The purpose of this position is to provide assistance in recording of various financial transactions and provide administrative support to the Institution.

The deadline for applications is 29 March 2018

The Executive Director, 
157 Mgombani/REPOA Street, 
Regent Estate 
P.O. Box 33223,
Dar es Salaam

Phone: (22) 2700083 / 0784 555 655
Fax: (22) 2775738
Email: repoa@repoa.or.tz
Website: www.repoa.or.tz

Source: Mwananchi March 23, 2018

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