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Job Opportunities at UNDP

Published by Ajira Zetu tz on Monday, March 26, 2018

J1Related imageBackgroundUNDP has been supporting the National Assembly (NA) of Tanzania for more than a decade, but, in particular, has developed a strong and trusted relationship with the NA in the past five years as it implemented the Legislatures Support Project (LSP). The LSP provided a broad range of support, including capacity building of staff and MPs and a significant transfer of knowledge as well as supported the NA to reform rules and processes as identified by the NA.

The second phase of the UNDP LSP project will support the NA to be more effective, transparent and inclusive in fulfilling its constitutional mandate and operating in accordance with international good practices for democratically functioning parliaments, through 1) Increased capacity of parliamentary committees to scrutinize Bills, oversee government and engage citizens; 2) More effective NA scrutiny and oversight of government, activities, budget and expenditure; 3) Strengthened functions and capacity for representing the interests of citizens in the NA; 4) NA supported to more effectively engage in strategic leadership, transparency and external engagement. 5) Gender is mainstreamed in all functions of the National Assembly.
Read more and Apply from the links below...

1-Programme Specialist, Gender Statistics, Dar es Salaam-Read more..

2-UNV Ptogramme Analyst, Dar es Salaam- Read more..


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