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7 Vacancies at IESC Ngo's Tanzania

Published by Ajira Zetu tz on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

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IESC provides logistical and travel support and pays a daily stipend for meals and other
expenses. We also arrange medical evacuation insurance, vaccinations, visas, and a security briefing. IESC local staff and partners will facilitate your assignment on the ground, but we remain in regular contact.

IESC brings together talented, dedicated people who are committed to private sector solutions to global development problems. Together, our collaborative team implements programs that that have real impact around the world.
We are able to achieve mission for one reason: our people.


  1. Consultancy Process Expert Volunteer_MEDA
  2. Interagency Coordination Specialist Volunteer Expert
  3. LGA Analyst- Posted on behalf of ICMA
  4. Local Governance Advisor Volunteer Expert
  5. Local Government and Decentralization Specialist Expert Volunteer
  6. Marketing & Promotional Materials Expert Volunteer - MEDA
  7. Youth Lending Expert Volunteer 

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