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Call for Interview at Kishapu District Council

Published by Ajira Zetu tz on Thursday, May 10, 2018

The CEO of the Kishapu District Councils expects to conduct a second-level interview Reservation
Respondents who are called on the interview should consider the following:
1. Comes with an identity card; Voting ID, National Identity ID, or Trademark Certificate.
2. Coming with the Original Certificates from form 4, 6 and Diploma -NTA Level 6 as well as copies of such certificates.

“Testimonials”, “Provisional Results”, “Statement of Results”, document IV, VI (FORM FOUR IV AND VI RESULTS SLIPS) will NOT be reported.
3. Each member will pay for food, transportation and accommodation.
4. Each member should come with the Original Birth Certificate with the copy of the certificate.
5. For those outside Tanzania to verify their certificates have been certified and approved by the relevant authorities (TCU, NECTA and NACTE).
6. Those whose names are not visible in this Announce will not recognize the criteria.
For more information and see the names of those who are called on the download here. Posted on pdf.pdf



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