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Call For Job Interview at MWANZA

Published by Ajira Zetu tz on Thursday, May 24, 2018

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President's Office, Regional Administration and Local Government
Call For Job Interview at MISUNGWI District Council. Misungwi District is one of the seven districts of the Mwanza Region of Tanzania. It is bordered to the north by Nyamagana District and Magu District, to the east by Kwimba District, to the south by Shinyanga Rural District and to the

west by Nyang'hwale District and Lake Victoria. Misungwi is often spelled with an extra 's' to make it Misungwi. The administrative centre is in the town of Misungwi. As of 2012, the population of the Misungwi District was 351,607, of which 30,728 are living in an urban area (Misungwi town).
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