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Forest Officer Jobs at Forestry Company in Iringa

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Forest Officer



The position requires a very qualified and experienced, results oriented forestry practitioner whose role will be to consult, analyse, advise, plan, coordinate and actively manage the implementation of the forestation plan and related projects in liaison and cooperation with the existing Forestation Division Manager and other staffs, to ensure the success in regard to all required targets.


• Participates and helps in formulating forest plans, policies and programs in accordance with forest Master plan and periodical/yearly plan
• Forest plantation like afforestation, reforestation, social and community forestry, etc
• Directs and leads subordinate staff to patrol forest areas from illegal activities such as poaching, fishing, illegal transit of timber and minor forest products, land encroachment etc., control forest fires outbreak and ensure compliance with Forest Policy, Forest Act, Rules and Regulations including Government directives through circulars.
• Draw periodical/yearly plans and programs
• Writing community and social forestry plans, and technical report, etc.
• Administers and monitors the hierarchy of staff on the behalf or absence of the Forestation Division Manager
• Provide legal advice in compounding and settlement of forest offence cases
• To achieve in-depth familiarity with the objectives and targets of the forestation plan and related projects
• To be able to think effectively and ‘outside the box’ where necessary, in critically analyzing all aspects of the existing plans and implementation methodologies of the forestation plan and related projects, and to develop and propose solutions, amendments and interventions that would enhance and improve on results
• To review and analyses all technical aspects of current procedures, tree species and other technical matters insofar as they impact on the forestation plan program’s success in the context of indigenous woodland forestation (both planting and regeneration)
• To liaise closely with the company Forestry Management team to plan and coordinate all implementations, and the management thereof, for a maximum success rate
• To be prepared to spend fairly extensive time travelling and ‘on-the-ground’ as opposed to ‘managing from the office’
• To participate actively as a key member of the company Forestry Steering Committee, in all aspects of planning, review and direction
• Any other duties as assigned for
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• A minimum of a recognized University Degree (Or Higher) in Forestry plus at least 6+ years’ experience in Forestry planning, implementation and management
• Good communication, practical management and reporting skills are vital
• Forest management plans and operational plans
• Corridor survey plans
• A working knowledge of the ‘forestry environment’ in the context of indigenous woodland forestation initiatives in Tanzania would certainly be an added advantage

Deadline: 12 May 2018.
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