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Job opportunities At KCB BANK

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1.Credit Monitoring & Control Manager

 This is a middle office between (RMs/BMs) and Recovery team set up to manage early delinquency (0-90DPD). The main objective is to reduce/manage migration rate from the normal/especially mentioned portfolio in to the NPL portfolio. This to maintain migration rates of less than 0.25% per month and keep the overall NPL ratio below accepted thresholds of 5%

  • Implement bank’s monitoring and collections policy and strategy
  • Ensure that all delinquent accounts are rectified through close follow up with relevant Branches/Relationship Managers and customers where necessary, scheduling meetings, personal field visits and issuance of relevant letters i.e. arrears notices and demand letters.
  • Ensure all appropriate demand letters sent out to clients by respective front line Managers as per Bank’s collection policy/strategy
  • Review all accounts at risk and advise Senior management on the trends
  • Identify cases that require re-aging/alignment and liaise with respective managers to obtain authorization from relevant Delegated authority holders.
  • Manage loans in arrears.
  • Manage ODs with un-serviced interest
  • Manage account with balances exceeding authorized limit. These comprise un-regularized excesses granted to customers with formal credit lines, accounts with consistent overnight excesses, accounts with inadequate credit turnover, overdrawn accounts
  • Manage accounts in excess without formal limits (dropped limits, un-serviced interest, overdrawn because of operational errors, mis-postings, bank charges)
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2. Securities Records Officer-intern

  • Maintenance of securities data base in Excel Sheets. Also reliable MIS and development of various reports for sharing with business teams and Credit.
  • Renew Land rent and  Insurances and making follow ups from customers and business Relationship Managers and Branch Managers,
  • Updating Excel Sheet data base, Land rent and Property Tax and circulate to business weekly.
  • Renew and follow ups for Property Tax for the properties held us a security to cover Banks’ facility
  • Prepare and implement securities tracking “live” system which will be submitted on Daily basis confirming the progress and time expected for closure.
  • Liaise with Land Registries, up-country and Ministry of Land and pay Land rent,  and Property Tax
  • Creating and updating diaries for insurance, land rents and valuation and issue daily report.
  • Review of all securities and documentation on regular basis to confirm validity of Land rent, insurance and property tax
  • Attend remedial activities on Securities which will be assigned by Line Manager.
  • Manage physical lodgement of securities, capturing of all collateral links on T24, maintenance of a security database and ensuring proper and organised filing of securities in the strong room.
  • Ensure all assets charges to the Bank are adequately insured and annual compliance renewals are obtained e.g. rents and rents, annual returns e.t.c.
  • Manage discharge and release of securities upon receipt of confirmation of full satisfaction of liabilities and obligations owed to the Bank and handling of securities for all takeovers of secured facilities and sales of securities vide private treaty to ensure Bank’s interests are protected and facilities are paid off.
  • Provide point of reference and queries response for all business teams across the Bank on all issues pertaining to securities confirmations, discharges, release and copies.
  • Pressure environment in view of tight TATs and business expectation which must be carefully balanced with accuracy and caution when dealing with securities.
  • Challenges in negotiating of undertakings for take overs and to ensure the bank’s interest is protected  and monitoring of takeover process with external lawyers and ensuring that undertaking terms are adhered to within the stipulated timeline given the challenges in the various lands registries and company registry
  • Stakeholders’ management and co-ordination of all parties involved in securities handling.
  • Inherent risk of handling sensitive documents e.g titles which are hard to replace.
  • Lack of historical records and documents  making it hard to trace securities received by the Bank prior to formation of SDC
  • Lack of a Document Management system hence data capturing, information processing and MIS reporting is manual which affects TAT and records management and accountability.
  • Challenging physical environment of the strong room at the basement which is air controlled.  
  • Long working hours at the Bank’s safe (strong room) involving manual retrieval and filing of huge volumes of documents and securities and physical movement of documents to and from the safe. 
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Marketing Manager

  • Manage marketing strategy (both traditional and digital), plans budgets and tactics aligned with the bank’s objectives
  • Implement, track and optimize the bank’s digital campaigns across all digital channels, create business opportunities in order to keep improving the bank’s share of voice, brand equity and shareholder’s value.
  • Implement, track and optimize the bank’s traditional marketing campaigns across all key channels, create business opportunities and improve the bank’s share of voice, brand equity and shareholder’s value

  • Managing online brand and products conversations and enquiries whilst managing/redesigning and maintaining the bank’s website, face book, twitter and Instagram.
  • Identify trends and insights, optimize spend and performance based on the insights while reviewing new technologies and keep the bank at the forefront of developments in digital and traditional marketing 
  • Understanding current and potential customers, researching and reporting on external opportunities
  • Instilling a marketing led ethos throughout the business
  • Build brand equity, Brand consistency and promote business with structured marketing mix campaigns while managing all marketing activities, advertising, promotional and distribution activities.
  • Managing marketing Agencies and mediums of advertisement, evaluate market conditions and competitor environment and align them with business opportunities 
  • Manage and clearly articulate product positioning, promotion goals and strategies
  • Work with Design houses, printers, agencies and ensure all communication developed adhere to the set brand guidelines
  • Developing, implementing and managing digital marketing campaigns.
  • Utilizing a range of techniques including paid search, SEO and PPC.

  • Carry out primary proof reading activities for all campaigns and advertisements whilst maintaining the brand look and feel on all channels of advertisement. 
  • Prepare procurement plan for the department and follow them through via procurement department whilst managing marketing budget and provide tracking reports on marketing expenditure ( reconciliation with finance- all payments and procurement- LPO’s issued) 
  • Develop and share the media mentions, measure and report of all marketing campaigns against the set goals –ROI and KPIs 
  • Instrument conversation points and optimizer user funnels, track conversion rates and making improvements to the digital platforms
  • Brainstorm new and creative growth strategies , design, build and maintain the banks social media presence
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