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Job Opportunities at Puma Energy

Published by Ajira Zetu tz on Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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Puma Energy is a global integrated midstream and downstream oil company active in close to 45 countries. Formed in 1997 in Central America, Puma Energy has since expanded its activities worldwide, achieving rapid growth, diversification and product line development. The company directly manages over 7,500 employees. Headquartered in Singapore, it has regional hubs in Johannesburg (South Africa), San Juan (Puerto Rico), Brisbane (Australia) and Tallinn (Estonia).

Puma Energy’s core activities in the midstream sector include the supply, storage and transportation of petroleum products. Puma Energy’s activities are underpinned by investment in infrastructure which optimises supply chain systems, capturing value as both asset owner and marketer of product. Puma Energy’s downstream activities include the distribution, retail sales and wholesale of a wide range of refined products, with additional product offerings in the lubricants, bitumen, LPG and marine bunkering sectors. Puma Energy currently has a global network of over 2,000 retail service stations. Puma Energy also provides a robust platform for independent entrepreneurs to develop their businesses, by providing a viable alternative to traditional market supply sources.
Job Description:
Health, Safety, and environment
  • Assist Operations Manager and HSSE Manager (where applicable) with the investigation and capturing of transport-related incidents/non conformances as well as unsafe practices/conditions on the HSSE Management system.
  • Represent Transport on the safety committees.
  • Coordinate and assist Transporters with Route Risk Assessments process.
  • Compile monthly Safety reports for all Transport related matters.
  • Conduct audits on SLP and PLI inspections/ vetting.
  • Ensure SLP database is up to date and actions taken on non-conformance.
  • Ensure Driver related training with relation to DG goods transportation is done as per the country’s regulations and Puma transport standards. Database to be kept and updated as changes are made.
  • Understand the Road Traffic Act (RTA) for the respective countries of operation.
  • Understand requirements of the Environmental legislation.(Where applicable)
  • Compile and conduct regular safety toolbox talks.
Transport Coordinating
  • Coordinate and compile Monthly KPI’s received from transporters and submits to the regional transport team.
  • Implement Puma passport Booklets with drivers.
  • Assist Regional Technical Specialist with periodic performance appraisals and follow-ups on transporter audits.
  • Ensure transporters communicate monthly forecast of vehicle uptime and VOR planning with relation to periodic maintenance.
  • Submit monthly reports on transport and depot performance which needs to include, Loading performance, Delays, Dropped loads, Safety statistics and delivery constraints.
  • Keep all records of all safety checks and safe loading passes issued for vehicles loading at our facilities.
  • Keep updated records of all route risk assessments.
  • Coordinate and liaise daily with Transporter on operational issues.
  • Driver behavior monitoring and reporting.
  • Review transport invoices and payment schedules from transporter on a monthly basis and verify pricing accuracy prior to being submitted to finance for payment.
  • Transporter loss reconciliation and investigations.
  • Customer sites compliance with regards to receiving product, SOP and measurements processes.
  • Upkeep of Transporter fleet list and driver training matrix.
  • Ensuring respective insurances are up to date and cover Puma requirements.
  • Track validity of transporter contracts, this includes Adhoc appointments, and ensure compliance is adhered to.
  • Contractual validly and related issues to be addressed with the regional team in a timeously manor.
Key relationships:
  • Internal- HSSE Manager, Operations Manager, BSM, Retail Manager, Territory Manager, Depot Manager, Regional Transport Team and General Manager.
  • External- Appointed/Adhoc transporters.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Analyzing monthly performance of transport and seek improvements to optimize safety, security, asset utilization and customer service.
  • Maintain a constant and critical appraisal/audit of all transporters within the operating region. Identify gaps to be closed with regards to audit findings.
  • Champions HSSE as a personal value.
  • Ensure Puma’s HSSE and transport control policies, are promoted in terms of both actions and decisions to prevent accidents and harm to the community, staff or the environment.
  • Assist with incidents, accident and spillage investigations which include compiling related reports and monthly statistics.
  • This position will assist with local transport that is involved in Cross-border movements, where applicable.
  • Assist with day to day transport requirements, additional vehicles, Adhoc transporters etc.
  • Compile and analyze monthly transport KPI statistics and supply complete data to regional logistics.
  • Check approved rates vs monthly volume allocation and completed trips. Reconciliation of the transporter statements with Navision.
Work Experience:
Operations Management
Bachelor: Automotive Engineering
3. Safety standards knowledge Familiar with ERP System
Application Deadline: 2018-06-04 J2

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