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4 Job Vacancies at One Acre Fund Tanzania

Published by Ajira Zetu tz on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

01-One Acre Fund
is a nonprofit organization that supplies smallholder farmers in East Africa with asset-based financing and agriculture training services to reduce hunger and poverty. Headquartered in Kakamega, Kenya, the organization works with farmers in rural villages throughout Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, and Zambia.
Using a market-based approach, One Acre Fund facilitates activities and transactions at various levels of the farming value chain, including seed sourcing and market support. In 2015, farmers who worked with One Acre Fund realized a 300% return on their investment and significantly increased farm income on every planted acre.

01-Impact Ventures Specialist
Develop and oversee a portfolio of seed programs across global markets.
Job Description
One Acre Fund is developing exciting new business units to push innovation in retail, finance and marketing in rural communities. One of these units is the Seed Adoption Campaign, which aims to build access and demand for improved seed across Tanzania.
A fantastic opportunity is available with the Seed Adoption Campaign to build and manage regional operations, helping expand the Seed Adoption Campaign to new regions in Tanzania.
Improved seed can generate significant increases in yield and farm productivity, with minimal behavior change required. However, adoption of improved seed is lower than 25% in many Sub-Saharan countries. Increasing adoption of improved seed in Tanzania represents millions of dollars of potential impact for smallholder farmers. The individuals in this role will play a key part in creating this impact for Tanzanian farmers.
02-Support in leading Tanzania's field staff and shaping the core operations strategies.
Job Description
The Field Operations Project Specialist will occupy a dynamic client-facing role with a large degree of scope to help shape the Tanzania core operations strategy.  This role will also provide direct management support to staff members, while growing and building a team culture and ethos.
Your work will be fast-paced, exciting, and diverse. You will create lasting and noticeable impact for hundreds of thousands of smallholder farmers and you’ll have fun doing it. You’ll work alongside our field team and our farmers alike, and travel widely within our organizational operation. Most importantly, you’ll always be driving towards actionable impact – no empty reports, no mundane policy memos; just high-quality research, analysis, tools, and results.
03-Case Investigation Cordinator 
The Case Investigator will report to our Head of Business Operations. Their primary role will be to investigate and resolve internal legal cases at One Acre Fund.  The position also involves being the primary contact for fraud alerts. The role will also be required to work on ad-hoc investigation pieces as deemed necessary by the head of Business Operations.
The ideal candidate for this role is self-motivating and able to work independently. They will be diligent and have a good attention to detail. Experience of the legal system is preferred but not necessarily a requirement. The candidate must be trustworthy and honest with a dedication to the organisation and the team. This role will likely involve travel between Mbeya, Njombe and Iringa on occasion.
04-Tanzania Procurement Specialist
Manage the Tanzania Procurement team, implement standardized processes, execute with sustained quality improvements, and drive 5% of purchasing cost out of the system
  Job Description
The Tanzania Procurement team is responsible for all purchases that keep our program running for nearly 40,000 smallholder farmers. We are seeking a team lead to manage the Tanzania Procurement team, implement standardized processes, execute with sustained quality improvements, and drive 5% of purchasing cost out of the system.
You will coordinate across teams at One Acre Fund Tanzania to maintain the consistent flow of purchasing information and ultimately deliver a world class purchasing department at the feet of our ~40,000 farmers across rural Tanzania.

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