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Employment Vacancies at OXFAM Tanzania

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PHE Officer- Electro Mechanic

Oxfam in Tanzania’s country strategy 2015-19 envisions empowered citizens with reduced poverty, reduced inequality and injustice with especially women and young people having access to resources and a good quality of life. We want to see evidence of citizens being more aware of and demanding their rights to resources and essential services. We also want to see less policy incoherence and positive changes at national level (policy) and community level (practices, perceptions, ideas and beliefs).

The above vision will be achieved through delivering strategically interrelated goals:
  • Goal 1: Enhanced Governance and Transparency Transformed power relationships between women, men, government and businesses enabling citizens to demand accountability and advocate for the provision of quality essential services.
  • Goal 2: Women’s Empowerment -Women are politically, economically and socially empowered to be transformative leaders and change agents within their households and communities.
  • Goal 3Tackling Rural Poverty - Oxfam in Tanzania Country Strategy 2015-2019 works towards rural women having access and control of economic resources, including land, and influence over markets and investments to ensure sustainable food security and resilience to disasters, especially those induced by climate change.
  • Goal 4: Focuses on Oxfam’s capacity and partners to manage humanitarian response and preparedness. Building resilience to climate change and adaptation.
The approach to implementation will be primarily working with partners and allies. Oxfam in Tanzania operates out of three office base(s) (Mwanza; Arusha and Dar es Salaam). The Burundian Refugee response also necessitated opening of the field offices in Kibondo and Kasulu.
To achieve this, OXFAM in Tanzania seeks to recruit suitable qualified Candidate to fill in the following position; Public Health Engineer ( Electro Mechanic)
Job Purpose
To provide operation and maintenance and workshop services to all type of electromechanical equipment’s in camps and host communities- specifically to keep borehole pumping system and generators functional.
Roles & Responsibilities
1: Coordination and overall supervision
  • Provide technical guidance to Junior Electro Mechanic, technicians and Pump Operators
  • Help the technicians and pump operators to identify relevant training needs and facilitate the pursuance of the same.
  • Continuously appraise the technicians and the pump operators, instituting corrective measures or recommending appropriate rewards.
  • Ensure that organizational rules and regulations, image, Discipline and work ethics are upheld for the smooth running of the unit.
  • Coaching, mentoring subordinates
  • Office and staff administration, including staff meetings, staff leave planning and briefings.
  • Operational support need assessment such as project material (s), transport and associated logistical support.
  • Providing brief and regular updates to the PHE team leader on key happenings and achievements in the Electro-Mechanical unit operation.
2: System Designs and Maintenance
  • Device and constantly review preventive maintenace protocol for all generator sets in the boreholes and other pumping units.
  • Review boreholes installations and operational performance regularly to determine needs for service, pump testing , submersible pump replacement or upgrading.
  • Recommend borehole recovery operations to the PHE team leader for approval.
  • Ensure continous updates of original borehole(BH) performance and profiles to reflect changed circumstances .
  • Together with the concerned PHE officers, assess the program expected output and draw a medium-term work plans for the WASH activities and also ensure adherence to it.
  • Initiate system designs of BH repair and installations to constantly assess the performance of the systems and initiate adjustments.
  • Identify the implementation challenges and suggest/ advise on alternative approach in regard to maintenance of pumps, generators etc.
  • Monitor the maintenance of all the water abstraction and supply facilities which includes boreholes, borehole generators and plan for maintenance of the same.
3: Timely servicing, repair and/or overhauling of all the boreholes and generators
  • Work closely with all teams to determine projected power needs.(planning)
  • Give technical guidance to power consumers including installation of kitchen and office electrical appliances in line with the Country`s statutary rules and regulations.
  • Ensure all the boreholes and gensets breakdowns are attended within the shortest time possible.
 4: Inventory and Reporting:
  • Constantly monitor stock levels of plant spares and related parts and prepare Requistions for timely procurement.
  • Inspect incoming deliveries to authenticate quality and specifications.
  • Determine and recommend withdrawal and disposal of those plant and equipment beyond economical repair.
  • Assist the PHE Team leader in the preparation of reports and other reports that may be assigned by him/her.

5: Liaison
  • With the direct approval of the PHE Team leader and the authority of the Program manager, will support sister agencies, UNHCR and the Host community in attending to breakdowns of their boreholes and generators upon request.
6: Workshop operation.
  • Ensures the workshop is maintained according to the Ministry of Public works standard.
  • To ensure that all Electro-Mechanical technicians adheres to workshop safety precautions.
  • To advice regularly on the proper arrangements of workshop plants and equipment’s
  • Keep an up to date Electro-Mechanical inventory of all relevant plant, tools and
Skills & Competency
  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, experience could substitute for formal qualification. Diploma/ or Plant Mechanic Grade one holder in the same field.
  • 5 years proven experience in a busy 3 phase power and instrumentation environment will be considered.
  • Minimum of 4 years proven experience in maintenance of boreholes, power generators, solar power and Electrically driven pumps.
  • The candidate should possess capacity building skills.
  • Ability to work well within a team.
  • Analytical and Leadership
  • Good Communication skills both written and spoken.
  • Learning\innovation
  • Ability to work with minimal or no supervision.
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