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Job Vacancies at Workforce Management and Consultancy

Published by Ajira Zetu tz on Friday, June 8, 2018

Patient care assistant/Nurse assistant at Workforce Management and Consultancy, June 2018
We`re a Human Resource and Management Consultancy company that specializes in area of recruitment & Headhunting, Training & Development, Human Resource and Management Consultancy since 2011.

We assist our clients in positive transformation of their Human Resource and Management strategies through improving the quality, performance and efficiency of their approach and people to deliver improved customer experience. Our core services include: Recruitment & Headhunting, Training, Staff Outsourcing and Strategic Planning.

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We use proven recruitment processes that are strategically aligned with global best practices to assist organizations to hire and retain the best candidates that have the right set of skills and experience to meet their human capital demands. Job Description

Job title: Patient care assistant/Nurse assistant
Location: Tanzania
Industry: Healthcare

Role Purpose
• To care for and comfort individuals who are ill, undergoing surgery or disabled

Key Responsibilities
• Assist patients to the toilet, clear bedpans, remove soiled linen, and make beds
• Transports patients to and from operating rooms, laboratories, and examining rooms
• Ensure patients are comfortable by assist with bathing, dressing, and moving them in their beds
• Assists patients who need help walking or standing.
• Feeds patients, when required  and ensuring that any special dietary needs are strictly adhered to
• Aids people in the use of any medical devices and equipment required for their specific condition
• Assists individuals with taking medication when needed
• Taking blood pressure measurements or urine samples  & Assists with the collection of lab specimens
• Establishing and maintaining effective communication with all other health professionals, families, and community.

Academic qualifications
• One year certificate in nursing from a recognized institution

Work Knowledge & skills
• Has strong knowledge of medical terminology, diseases, and procedures
• Understands basic first aid and CPR, and is capable of administering them if need be
• Has the ability to work without supervision
• Is able to maintain patient confidentiality
• Possesses good time management skills

Experience Essential
• 1 or more years experience in nursing practice

Send your CV to; info@workforceconsult.com
Deadline: 12TH June 2018J2

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