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Published by Ajira Zetu tz on Saturday, June 9, 2018

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Program Manager Jobs
About Program Manager role
Program managers are leaders and high performers on myAgro’s team, focused on execution of a diverse program portfolio and management of staff. Program Managers independently and effectively carry out 5-8 projects, both field and office-based. You will operate in a fast-paced environment, juggling competing priorities and deadlines, while effectively leading and developing a team of talented Program Associates, office staff and/or field staff. You will invest in building your team’s capacity to work yourself out of a job.

The Program Manager for Tanzania will lead the start-up of a new country office in Tanzania. During the first year, the program manager’s main task will be to lead a pilot project in the regions of Lindi and Mtwara. The PM will be tasked with managing the pilot and building up a strong team that can manage the new company and the pilot project.
Human Resources:
  • Recruit and hire on a strong office and field team.
  • Create a good working environment and culture based on myAgro values.
  • Work closely with the HR consultant that will support you to create strong HR policy and advise you on the labor legislation.
  • You will work closely together with the HR director based abroad.
  • Create a budget, cash flow forecasts and cost control in concordance with the objectives set by the finance manager.
  • Monitor that the administrative assistant inputs expenses correctly. Liaise with the accountant (based abroad) to verify if the finance procedures are correctly followed.
  • Maintain the relationship with our accountancy firm based in Mtwara that will execute the tax declarations and advise us on other fiscal legislation.
  • Control and approve all expenses and maintain a good relationship with the bank.
Logistics, Administration and Procurement:
  • Implement a procurement system following requirements set forth by the finance team abroad.
  • Monitor that the administrative assistant organizes housing and transport for employees and visitors efficiently and effectively.
  • Ensure that the company and its operations comply to Tanzanian legislation.
Field Operations:
  • Lead the field team (5 to 11 staff members during pilot) in the execution of the operations plan.
  • Train supervisors that will then train field agents in marketing and good agriculture practices.
  • Help the field team understand how to market and sell our products- seed and fertilizer packages.
  • Ensure that the field team are aware of their KPIs and follow-up on their progress towards meeting the KPI’s.
  • As the head of the pilot project and start-up office, maintain good relationships with donors, partners and government institutions.
  • Work with research institutes, partners and the myAgro agronomics-team abroad to find optimal packages and crops with the best returns for farmers.
  • Ensure that the impact of myAgro on farmer yield is monitored.
Required Skills & Qualifications
  • At least four years of work experience and prior management experience, preferably in a similar fast-growth social enterprise
  • Two years’ experience working and living in a developing country
  • Swahili and English proficiency – Business in Mali and Senegal is conducted in French, so having notions in French is an asset at myAgro
  • Outstanding project management and managerial skills
  • Strategic thought process and strong decision-making capabilities based on quantitative and qualitative assessments
  • Creative and versatile approach to problem-solving; solution-oriented
  • Detail-oriented and organized
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work cross culturally
Preferred Skills & Qualifications
  • A passion for the mission, vision and values of myAgro
  • As with any start up, flexibility, a sense of humor and an open mind are necessary for success
  • Capable to work independent, needs to report to a director located in another country
  • TZ National strongly preferred

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