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New Job Vacancies at Norwegian Refugee Council(NRC)

Published by Ajira Zetu tz on Sunday, June 10, 2018

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Energy Specialist for UNHCR
Are you a renewable energy expert familiar with energy needs in humanitarian settings?
Energy access in humanitarian settings is a growing concern and currently a UN Sustainable Development Goal. NORCAP supports ongoing initiatives to increase safe access to cleaner, more efficient and sustainable energy sources in humanitarian and emergency settings.
The UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, is reducing its carbon footprint by increasing its use of renewable energy solutions. NORCAP  supports the transition to cleaner energy supply.

We seek a specialist to work with UNHCR’s  office in Tanzania to assess current energy/electricity needs. The specialist will propose and implement concrete, effective, sustainable clean energy alternatives, including related monitoring and evaluation systems to reduce operational costs, increase renewable energy systems and reduce carbon footprint.
The specialist will be based in UNHCR’s office in Dar es Salaam with regular field travel to carry out energy assessments.
The assignment takes place in two parts:
    1. Evaluate the current situation
  • Collaborate with and under the supervision of UNHCR to complete qualitative and quantitative data collection to determine which operations have the highest load factor, and evaluate how these can be transitioned to cleaner, low carbon systems.
  • The report on actual energy/electricity demand in UNHCR’s energy intense (high load) operations in the country.
  • Include an analysis of cost, risk and benefits of switching to 100% clean fuel or hybrid models for each of these four groups
  • Conclusions will be presented in a report  approved by the UNHCR operations manager
  • The expert will support the operations manager to decide which clean models to implement based on analysis of costs, risks and benefits.
    2. Design and lead the process to procure new energy solutions
  • Collaborate with UNHCR management, programme and supply partners to ensure that new proposed solutions is beneficial across sectors
  • Manage tender processes for installing new energy systems.
  • Collaborate with UNHCR Division for Programme Support and Management to improve monitoring and evaluation plans for energy systems.
  • Collaboration with innovative companies and private sector entities is encouraged
  • Provide training to UNHCR staff, and to people of concern, on energy safety and awareness.
Qualifications and required experience
  • Advanced university qualification, preferably in a relevant field
  • Demonstrated experience of design and application of energy solutions, especially renewable solutions (in poor rural environments and refugee settings is an asset);
  • Experience working with renewable energies and related technology;
  • Experience from planning, design, budgeting and management of energy systems as well as energy standards and audits
  • A good understanding of testing equipment and the process of test, inspection, verification and commissioning.
  • Extensive knowledge of financial, regulatory and/or policy frameworks, renewable energy financial management and business planning.
  • Ability to apply knowledge from contemporary research in the field of energy, and translate this into humanitarian settings;
  • Strong interest in and knowledge of development and humanitarian issues
  • Demonstrated ability to meet reporting deadlines, manage budgets and complete quarterly and yearly reporting
  • Excellent English verbal and writing skills
         Desirable but not required:
  • Knowledge of UNHCR operations, funding, financing, procurement and coordination
  • Experience in CAD software
  • A second UN language in addition to English, and / or local language such as Swahili
Personal Qualities
  • Ability to work in a collaborative manner with team members and multiple stakeholders at various levels
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in highly stressful situations and contexts
  • Highly developed communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong analytical abilities
Being a NORCAP expert gives you:
  • A great opportunity to work in an international setting for a global organisation
  • Significant life experiences through challenges and self-development
  • Access to a unique network of humanitarian, peace and development professionals
  • A meaningful job working with the world’s challenges on location
NORCAP missions:
On completion of this contract the specialist can be considered for further deployments through NORCAP membership
  • NORCAP missions are typically six (6) months duration, in some cases be extended
  • R&R and leave according to terms and conditions of the hosting agency
  • No family duty stations
Practical Information:
  • Protection is at the heart of the work NORCAP does; candidates selected for interview can expect for this aspect of their profile to be explored in some detail.
  • Selected candidates are expected to be available for mission within the first three (3) months of having been accepted to the roster.
  • Shortlisted candidates may need to pass an English language test as part of the selection process..
  • All candidates will receive feedback within three weeks after the closing of this advertisement.
Application procedures and CV registration:
  • Kindly submit your CV and application in English and include your full name as written in your passport.
  • Please note that you are required to enter the geographical location for all your previous positions while registering your CV. There is no specific field for this information in our CV form, but you can use the "Company name" field for both company and location.
  • NRC reserves the right to conduct a full background check on shortlisted candidates.
  • Approved Health Certificate will be required prior to contract commencement and deployment.


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