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List of Opportunities at Vodacom Tanzania

Published by Ajira Zetu tz on Thursday, July 26, 2018

Role purpose:
The Head of Regulatory services is responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance, maintaining regulatory relationships with stakeholders and provision of timely and effective regulatory advices and guidance to the business. 

Key accountabilities and decision ownership

  • To prepare and update regularly the regulatory compliance program and liaise with line management to ensure compliance thereof.
  • To coordinate regulatory relationship between the Company and all stakeholders in the sector i.e. the regulators, the Government, fellow operators and consumers.
  • To ensure timely availability of advice and guidance to line management and business pertaining to various regulatory issues as and when required.
  • To monitor compliance with the terms and conditions of service licenses granted to the Company, and at the same time to ensure that all rights, privileges and entitlements of the Company under the licenses and the laws of the country are protected, enjoyed by the company and not infringed upon.
  • To maintain records of all regulatory correspondences and keep custody of licenses and other regulatory documents.
  • To manage legal and regulatory aspects of interconnections, roaming and international carrier relationships with other operators.
  • To monitor the regulatory environment in order to avoid risks and negative impacts related to various regulatory decisions made by the regulatory authority and the government, i.e. all aspects of market regulation, technical regulation and competition.
  • To participate and represent the interests of the company in forums of a regulatory nature and provide prompt feedback to management.
  • To facilitate effective interdepartmental / cross-divisional communications on all regulatory related matters.
  • To attend any other matter of legal and regulatory nature as may be assigned by management.
  • Job Summary
    Location: Dar Es Salaam Head Office - Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam
    Job type: Full Time
    Sector: Legal/Regulatory 

    Job ID: VTLLG001
    Posting date: 25 Jul, 2018 

    02-Agency & Channels Manager
     Role purpose:
    -Enable and support Agency and Channels in achieving the Vodacom EBU objective of being the preferred Total -Communications provider (Mobile, Fixed, Mpesa and any other Enterprise products/services) for EBU customers in Tanzania
    -Deliver high standard of Management for both existing door to door Agency and other alternative channels
    -Enabling and supporting the Agency and Channels to achieve -Acquisition, Retention & Churn targets
    -Provide end to end 1st tier support to allocated Agency and Channels
    -Achieve profitability of cluster by ensuring right product mix of Mobile, Fixed, M-Pesa and any other Enterprise products/services products revenue
    -Scale up Agency and Channels models ensure penetration is high
    -Responsible for fostering productivity of Agency and Channels on daily-weekly and monthly to ensure consistency in target deliverables.
    Key accountabilities and decision ownership
    -Achieve individual targets (Acquisition & Revenue)
    -Drive and communicate Mobile , Fixed M-Pesa and any other Enterprise products/services Line targets
    -Monitor the performance of Agency and Channels continuously to ensure that agreed targets are achieved
    -Assist the Agency and Channels in creating pipelines, account plans and revenue forecasting
    -Ensure that Agency and Channels apply Account Management Methodologies in servicing customer accounts
    -Create & manage relationships at multiple touch points with Agency and Channels and customers
    -Act as a single point of contact for the EBU Agency & Channels to drive collaboration across all functions of the business
    -Communicate market trends and provide adequate up to date information on products and systems
    -Assist with on boarding of new door to door agency, identify type of partner, and communicate the relevant legal agreement/addendum, Codes, co-ordinate training calendar / curriculum & access to systems
    -Develop & grow inform and communicate any new training modules applicable   
    Job Summary
    Title: Agency & Channels Manager
    Location: Dar Es Salaam Head Office - Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam
    Job type: Full Time
    Sector: Sales
    Job ID: VTLEBU010
    Posting date: 18 July, 2018
    Deadline: Until Filled  
    03-Customer Experience System Administrator
     Role purpose:

    • Manage systems capacity & performance of Customer Experience Systems.
    • Manage data for Call Center, Digital care and TNPS Applications.
    • Ensure systems and applications security.
    • Manage the systems/applications configuration.
    • Manage systems problems, Incidents and requests as per the SLA.
    • Assist in acquiring and maintain technology Infrastructure for Customer Experience Applications.
    • Manage systems/applications changes
    • Manage Projects related to Call Center, TNPS, Digital care, interfaces and Database
    • Provide assistance in managing the following whenever required: Digital care, Call Center and TNPS
    • Responsible for Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery Planning of all systems under his/her watch.
    • Call Center applications Management, Administration, Integration, Delivery and Support.
    • Accountable for security of Customer Experience Systems in line with VTL standards, policies, procedures and industry best practices
    • Responsible & Accountable for the Data Customer Experience applications Monitoring, Backup & Restore, Traffic analysis and Control for optimal service standards provisions

    Key accountabilities
    Systems Acquisition

    -Assist in acquiring and maintaining application software.
    -Assist in acquiring and maintaining Technology Infrastructure.
    -Setting and maintaining IT & Billing policies and procedures.
    -Installation of applications on Customer Experience Applications servers.
    -Manage changes to the systems or applications via change management process.

    System Operations
    -Administration of all CE applications users.
    -Installation, Configuration, fine tuning, and optimization of CE systems software and applications.
    -Automation of routine task through scripting and intelligent system design. Vet all performance reports for all applications to confirm if they operate up to standard.  System Monitoring and Evaluation
    Monitor and evaluate on regular basis the performance of all CE applications.
    Ensure continuous service with high availability and minimum disruption
    Ensure security of Customer Experience applications by safeguarding against unauthorized access of Customer Experience applications and systems
    Manage CE configurations

    Manage CE applications problems and incidents including performing corrective action and/or escalating to suppliers.
    Provide first line support to VTL customer care team in resolving problems experienced by VTL clients during their interaction with CE applications.
    Manage data processed by CE applications including ensuring data integrity, confidentiality, availability and security.
    Monitor and evaluate on regular basis service level agreements with third party vendors
    Monitor and evaluate on regular basis the internal SLA performance of CE Applications.
    Systems Management
    Manage performance of Customer Experience Applications.
    Job Summary
    Title: Customer Experience System Administrator
    Location: Dar Es Salaam
    Job type: Full Time Sector: IT/Technology
    Job ID:  ITVTL010
    Posting date: 18 July, 2018
    Deadline: Until Filled

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