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Employment Opportunities at APM Terminals Tanzania

Published by Ajira Zetu tz on Saturday, August 25, 2018


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HSSE Officer Jobs

APM Terminals Tanzania– Inland Services currently has a vacancy for an HSSE Officer to direct activities of HSSE, thus ensuring that all HSSE standards are met in every area of the business.

Key responsibilities

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  • Advise all Managers on HSSE matters and ensure the implementation of recommendations.
  • Compile and manage annual HSSE action plans per facility through the companies reporting tool. 
  • Conduct audits, review audit findings and manage compliance with action items.
  • Ensure that all incident investigations are handled effectively and in accordance with the APMT global HSSE standards.
  • Ensure that incident investigation reports are developed timely and that the corrective/preventative actions have symmetry to the root causes. 
  • Co-ordinate and manage escalated incidents and problems that occur after hours.
  • Ensure that lessons learned from High Potential and High Severity Incidents are applicability applied and embedded. 
  • Compile and circulate best practices and shared learning reports regarding all incidents. 
  • Drive and ensure alignment in respect of all statutory obligations and compliance with local legislation and APMT global HSSE standards.
  • Advise on safety aspects with regards to the use of equipment and systems within the facilities.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of all HSSE representatives and conduct regular meetings. 
  • Ensure that all HSSE appointments are trained, appointments in place and that duties reflect in Job Description.
  • Maintain incident statistics, analyse trends and propose/take remedial action.
  • Prepare monthly HSSE performance reports for Facilities.
  • Monitor the consistent application of HSSE policies, standards and procedures. 
  • Evaluate the aspects of HSSE in tender documents together with project team.
  • Implement and manage HSSE projects as and when required/in accordance with strategy.
  • Maintenance and monitoring of safety systems in place. 
  • Development, implementation and monitoring of safe systems of work to align with the Company’s Safety Management System. 
  • Support operations in the implementation and revision of SOPs.
  • Provides supervision and direction for the Security staff.
  • Assist with formalities with entity security.
  • Prepares shift schedules for the security section.
  • Supervises the shifts by conducting routine patrols of the entity.
  • Provides advice to department heads on issues relating to security. 
  • Manages relationship with National security, Police and all other security agencies ensuring necessary and prompt support on these fronts.
  • Maintains up-to-date information and knowledge on new developments in the area of Safety, Health, Environment, and Security.
  • Coach and support operational and management teams in HSSE matters and operational compliance.
  • Engage and motivate operational team.
  • Supports the entities to ensure that environmental best practices are in place, including waste management processes and environmental impact mitigations. 
  • Supports entities in development and maintenance of safety files and records. 
  • Track, manage and support the implementation of standards from the company’s safety compliance program (Fatal 5)
  • Compile and manage HSSE actions (from incidents, shared learnings, inspections, audits, compliance programs) through the company’s HSSE reporting tool. 
  • Align and integrate regional and group HSSE strategy and engage with stakeholders on implementation


  • Ensure contractor compliance in respect of all HSSE matters.
  • Ensure that contractor’s health and safety policies, procedures and systems are in place and are in accordance with APMT standards prior to access to Facilities.
  • Assist and support contractors in the preparation of risk assessments and safe working procedures. 
  • Monitor the availability and appropriateness of risk assessments and safe working procedures. 
  • Assist facilities security with outsourced providers.
  • Develop procedures to ensure that contractors, suppliers, consultants and visitors to the facilities comply with relevant legislation and APMT global HSSE standards.
  • Ensure compliance with the company’s Permit to Work system for contractors
  • Ensure compliance to the OHS Act in terms of contractor management, including but not limited to; contractor written agreements, safety file, risk assessments, method statement, safety policy, safety plan and organogram are in place for all contractors. 
  • Ensure that the facility contractor safety files are maintained and in line with legal requirements


  • Support in the development, monitoring and review of entire risk assessment process 
  • Assist management and workforce personnel in the identification and control of potential risk-sources.
  • Devise, develop and monitor effective risk management strategies and make recommendations on the implementation of these strategies.
  • Maintain and review the Risk Register, Risk Profile and associated Risk Assessments and Improvement Plans for areas of risk within Safety, Health, Security and Environment. 
  • Conduct regular risk management forums and training sessions with teams 
  • Track and effectively manage high risks through the company’s Project and Operational Management System, (Workfront, , Podio, Contractor Safety Management, GIZMO etc)
  • Conducts fire prevention inspections in the buildings and areas in accordance with fire prevention regulations.


  • Coach, support and train all managers and employees in HSSE matters and compliance.
  • Identify HSSE training needs, co-ordinate interventions and train to introduce them to major APM Terminals Safety, Security programs, Global projects and to engage them continuously to own HSSE processes and practices at all levels of operations
  • Training and development related strategies.
  • To provide compliance training in line with APMM/APMT requirements to equip them in preventing claims and legal disputes, sharpen skills for negotiations and dispute resolution

We are looking for

Under general guidance of the Head of HSSE, IS Africa, this position represents the HSSE department and supports the entities in the implementation APMT global standards, better practices and compliance to local and national legislative requirements to ensure safe operations.

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