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Teaching Opportunities at FK International School

Published by Ajira Zetu tz on Tuesday, August 21, 2018


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01-Lower Class Teacher Jobs

Work includes:

  • motivating and stimulating children’s learning abilities, often encouraging learning through experience;
  • providing pastoral care and support to children and providing them with a secure environment to learn;
  • developing and producing visual aids and teaching resources;
  • organising learning materials and resources and making imaginative use of resources;
  • assisting with the development of children’s personal, social and language abilities;
  • supporting the development of children’s basic skills, including physical coordination, speech, and communication;
  • encouraging children’s mathematical and creative development through stories, songs, games, drawing and imaginative play;
  • developing children’s curiosity and knowledge;
  • working with others, including teaching assistants and volunteer helpers, to plan and coordinate work both indoors and outdoors;
  • sharing knowledge gained with other practitioners and parents;
  • observing, assessing and recording each child’s progress;
  • attending in-service training;
  • ensuring the health and safety of children and staff is maintained during all activities, both inside and outside the nursery or school;
  • keeping up to date with changes in the curriculum and developments in best practice.
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Competitive and work permit provided for non-Tanzanians
Working hours
This is a full-time position: working from 7:00 am to 3.30pm.


  • a B-Ed in Early Childhood Education
  • 2+ years’ experience with a diploma in childcare.


For teaching roles you will need to show evidence of the following:
  • a respect and fondness for children;
  • excellent communication skills;
  • good listening skills;
  • the capacity to learn quickly;
  • excellent organizational skills;
  • the ability to inspire and enthuse young children;
  • energy, resourcefulness, responsibility, patience and a caring nature;
  • an understanding of the needs and feelings of children;
  • ability to work independently, as well as being able to work in a team;
  • a sense of humor and the ability to keep things in perspective.
The work is often active and you will need stamina to keep up with the needs of a large group of young, lively children. Creative skills such as music, dance, drama, arts, and crafts are advantageous.
Responsibilities involve teaching all areas of the foundation stage, helping children to achieve early learning goals.

Apply to

Mbezi Beach, Kinondoni.
+255 758 011 030
+255 758 011 030

02-Mathematics Teacher for Upper School Classes Jobs


Location: Africana, Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam
Position Title: Mathematics Teacher for Upper School Classes
Reports to: Deputy Head of School

Qualification and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree in Education with a minimum of 2 years teaching experience from an international school.

Duties and Responsibilities

1.Planning, teaching and class management

  • Teach allocated students by planning their teaching to achieve progression of learning through:
  • identifying clear teaching objectives and specifying how they will be taught and assessed;
  • setting tasks which challenge students and ensure high levels of interest;
  • setting appropriate and demanding expectations;
  • setting clear targets, building on prior attainment;
  • be aware of and make provision for students who are unable, very able, or who have other particular individual needs;
  • providing clear structures for lessons maintaining pace, motivation and challenge;
  • making effective use of assessment and ensure coverage of programmes of study;
  • ensuring effective teaching and best use of available time;
  • maintaining discipline in accordance with the school’s procedures and encouraging good practice with regard to punctuality, behaviour, standards of work and homework;
  • using a variety of teaching methods to:
  1. Match approach to content, structure information, present a set of key ideas and use appropriate vocabulary.
  2. Use effective questioning, listen carefully to students, give attention to errors and misconception.
  3. Select appropriate learning resources and develop study skills through library, ICT and other sources;
  • ensuring students acquire and consolidate knowledge, skills and understanding appropriate to the subject taught;
  • evaluating own teaching critically to improve effectiveness;
  • ensuring the effective and efficient deployment of classroom support;
  • Liaise with the deputy head teacher to ensure the implementation of department policy and best practice.

2.Monitoring, Assessment, Recording, Reporting

  • assess how well learning objectives have been achieved and use them to improve specific aspects of teaching;
  • mark and monitor students’ work and set targets for progress;
  • assess and record students’ progress systematically and keep records to check work is understood and completed, monitor strengths and weaknesses, inform planning and recognise the level at which the student is achieving;
  • undertake assessment of students as requested by examination bodies, departmental and school procedures;
  • prepare and present informative reports to parents;
  • Undertake assessment of students and participate in the school’s system reporting to parents.

3.Curriculum Development

  • Have lead responsibility for a subject or aspect of the school’s work and develop plans which identify clear targets and success criteria for its development and / or maintenance;

4.Pastoral Duties

  • be a Form Tutor to an assigned group of students;
  • promote the general progress and well-being of individual students and of the Form Tutor Group as a whole;
  • liaise with the Pastoral Leader to ensure the implementation of the school’s pastoral system;
  • register students, accompany them to assemblies, encourage their full attendance at all lessons and their participation in other aspects of school life;
  • contribute to the preparation of Action Plans and progress files and other reports;
  • alert appropriate staff to problems experienced by students and make recommendations as to how these may be resolved;
  • communicate, as appropriate, with parents of students and persons or bodies outside the school concerned with the welfare of individual students, after consultation with appropriate staff;

5.Other Professional Requirements

  • Knowledge in Science is an added advantage
  • Cambridge experience shall be highly considered
  • Have a working knowledge of teachers’ professional duties and legal liabilities;
  • Operate at all times within the stated policies and practices of the school;
  • Know subject(s) or specialism(s) to enable effective teaching;
  • Take account of wider curriculum developments;
  • Establish effective working relationships and set a good example through their presentation and personal and professional conduct;
  • Endeavour to give every child the opportunity to reach their potential and meet high expectations;
  • Contribute positively and effectively to the School’s mission statement;
  • Co-operate with other staff to ensure a sharing and effective usage of resources to the benefit of the school, department and students;
  • Contribute to the corporate life of the school through effective participation in meetings and management systems necessary to coordinate the management of the school;
  • Take part in marketing and liaison activities such as Open Evenings, Parents Evenings, Review days and events with partner schools;
  • Take responsibility for own professional development and duties in relation to school policies and practices;
  • Tiaise effectively with parents and governors.
A client seeks to hire a qualified candidate for the position of a Mathematics Teacher for Upper School Classes

Apply to

Mbezi Beach, Kinondoni.
+255 758 011 030
+255 758 011 030

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