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39 New Job Vacancies in Morogoro at Good Samaritan Cancer Hospital

Published by Ajira Zetu tz on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

J1BACKGROUND: The new diocese of Ifakara, where the Good Samaritan hospital built, was created on 14th January 2012 and covers the area of 14,245 square kilometers and has a population of 322,779 people. It lies on the latitude 8 degree south. The vicinity of the Equator and its low altitude (280m above sea level) give it an extremely tropical climate. During the dry season, humidity is low. During the rainy season, humidity is high, the roads become muddy and too slippery meanwhile large areas of the diocese become flooded. Such a damp climate provides an excellent breeding-ground for tropical diseases germs and their carriers. This is very dangerous for health since there becomes an acute need of clean and safe water for drinking and general use and most of the time malaria, typhoid and cholera prevail beyond control.

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People of the area had been constantly requesting the diocese to establish a hospital in the area but could not realize the project so far. Realizing the dire need of the people, the Missionaries of Compassion are trying assist the diocese to set up a hospital to answer the request of the people. The people of the area otherwise are compelled to go to St. Francis Hospital at Ifakara, 65 kms away. The hospital will save many lives especially those of elderly, pregnant women and children.
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