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Emploment Vacancies at RNR Business Solutions

Published by Ajira Zetu tz on Saturday, September 1, 2018


JOB DESCRIPTION - GENERAL MANAGER: RNR is recruiting on behalf of a client in the hospitality industry, below are the
Human Resource
  • Responsible for the management of a team of 10 staff
  • Developing clear systems and policies for staff performance review
  • Review of staff rota and management of staff absence and leave. Be flexible to support staff absence for 1-2 consecutive days until replacement/cover is in place.
  • Establish clear disciplinary methods.
  • Working closely with company lawyer in employment labour laws to protect the business at all times.
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  • Ensure physical and systems security are valid and in place to protect staff, guests and the business at all times
  • Liaison with security companies, In Time security for our management of night time guard and electronic systems.
  • Developing internal marketing through continuous review of internal systems for guest registration and feedback.
  • Review of external marketing opportunities and existing weaknesses including advertisements, Social media, Fliers, Signage working with a Graphic designer to ensure our occupancy per month exceeds 60% as average (max. 15 bedrooms).
  • Regular visits to new businesses seeking tender for Accommodation services.
  • Developing a new area of business, Outdoor Catering, working with Chef on the menu, pricing and responsible for marketing.
Customer care & Complaints handling
  • Responsible for continuous review of guest experience including staff knowledge and training of customer complaints handling.
  • Resolving and troubleshooting all guest concerns with full independence Bedrooms
  • Putting clear systems for stock (Beddings, Towels), Cleaning and reporting of individual room problems including remote control batteries, lights, AC, Hot Water, Cleanliness, Bed frames are all in good working order.
  • Put in place method of identifying damages and having appropriate fundi toresolve all problems.
  • Ensuring regular physical review of bedrooms and improvements are made
  • Ensuring guest feedback, menu, remotes, policies are available to guests in bedrooms.
Food and Drinks
  • Working with Bar man in the purchase of food products
  •  Independently responsible for the stocking of Bar (Drinks)
  • Keeping a clear record and review of price on menu and cost of ingredients from time to time and liaise with Directors for any required changes
  • Keeping a record and communication of all sales and purchases using existing systems or developing new and improved systems.
  • Clear communication with Directors through Dropbox, Email and Microsoft
  • Excel.
  • Ensure all minor damages to buildings, fixtures and fittings and furniture are repaired by getting appropriate fundi at all times.
  • Working independently and with own initiative to resolve any concerns by ensuring staff have clear reporting systems and record keeping, via Receptionist diary record.
  • Keeping a weekly summary of specific areas and issues which have required repairs over time using a diary to report to Directors.
Licenses and Business
  • Responsible for the review and updating of all licences at all times liaising with local government, Municipal and police etc..
  • Keeping clear record and receipts and licences making sure we remain compliant at all times.
  • Working with the lawyer through email communications to make sure we are compliant at all times.
Accounts and finance
  • Management of the expenses bank account ensuring adequate funds available for daily expenses.
  • A clear recording of VAT paid and VAT charged and monthly communication of the receipts, scanning and emailing our Accountant each month
  • Clear recording, book keeping of income and expenses in all other non-VAT transactions.
  • Review of our purchase models and suppliers to ensure we continue to gain good value for money.
Attractive salary package and commission payment.
Applicants only who qualify should apply.
All applicants should send their CV together with a certificate as one document.
Please remember to include contact details of your last employer as referee.
We will only contact them if you are successful in the short listing process.
Deadline: 9th Sept 2018
Send to: info@rrbs.co.tzJ2

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