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Career Vacancies at Empower Limited

Published by Ajira Zetu tz on Thursday, October 11, 2018

Export Manager
Type: Full Time
Category: Clearing & Forwarding
Location: Dar-es-Salaam
Other Categories: General Business , Logistics & Operations
Job Level: Senior Manager

Roles and Responsibilities
The main functions of the Export Manager are to monitor activities of the Sea export both local and transit in order to increase level of performances/services granted to exporters based in Tanzania as well as the hinterland countries of Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda which are using services of the port of Dar es Salaam. The job requires a high level of market knowledge together with a good ability to manage projects. As the functions involve interaction with foreign customers overseas the knowledge of English is essential as well as the ability to travel as necessary to develop the business.

In order to match the requirements of a competitive market, a strong communicator is needed in order to be able to deal with customers overseas where decision makers are of a senior management level.
A high level of experience in the C&F activities is required to face the standards of performances in terms of operations and commercial skill /plurilanguage ability for Customers service/development purposes.
• Monitoring Operations of the Export Department.
• Responsible for all warehousing activities including bonded.
• Preparation of weekly and monthly market reports providing the local Management and overseas Head offices with current market information.
• Implementation of customer services in export department and orientation of commercial policy.
• Organizing commercial activities to cover both the local market as well as the landlocked countries. Travelling as necessary to meet existing and potential customers.
• Maintaining comprehensive records on all operational and marketing activities to enable the Management to have a clear picture of the activities/performances of the Export Departments.
• Supervising and training junior staff to ensure better efficiency in performances, information flow to customers (quotations,status of files.)
• Identifies training needs for immediate reports and liases with HR for appropriate training programs to meet them.
• Liases with HR on issue of staff recruitment, selection, appraisal, salary, promotion and general welfare.
• Identifies critical/key positions within the operation and liases with HR on succession planning.
• Liases with respective authorities (Customs, Terminal Managers, Shipping lines and the Ship’s agents) at high levels for cargo documentation. 

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Educational Qualifications
• Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences/Business Administration.
• Ten years experience in Exports and Warehousing activities with a reputable international organization.
• Intimate knowledge of the AMI Network in East & Central Africa
• Good understanding of the traffic movement in and out of Tanzania and the hinterland countries and ability to develop current business volume.
• Experience of Clearing/Forwarding, commercial and shipping matters as well as a comprehensive knowledge of general transportation and forwarding practices. Sound knowledge of the surrounding countries trade patterns as well as the countries of origin/destination.
• Comprehensive knowledge of the job with flexibility and ability to operate effectively in any region or environment.
• Ability to communicate at the highest level in fluent English
• Experience and knowledge to represent the company at the most senior level on overseas visits and interaction with different cultures.
• Ability to manage and empower subordinates and encourages their development.
 Sea Freight Import Manager
Type: Full Time
Category: Clearing & Forwarding
Location: Dar-es-Salaam
Other Categories: Management , Logistics & Operations
Job Level: Senior Manager

Roles and Responsibilities
Manage the team (N-1)
• Inform N-1 of the entity strategy/ evolutions and communicate on required alignments
• Deliver set goals in terms of quality of service & costs control
• Assess the performance of N-1
• Develop & maintain the competencies
• Ensure a smooth transfer of files/issues when change of N-1
• Setup an induction program for newcomers in collaboration with HR
• Apply leave management policy
• Organize recruitments (after validation by the HMO) in collaboration with HR department and interview/select potential staff. 
Build & adapt process & organizations
• Build and review regularly the import organisation (staff, skills). IFFM units must be balanced in terms of skills and seniority (submission to MOM for validation)
• Define SOPs in collaboration with QHSE department (submission to HMO for validation)
• Organize the quality review within operations with the support of QHSE department & implement validated recommendations 
Manage client portfolio
• Split the clients portfolio between the different IFFM units
• Review regularly the client portfolio split by IFFM units regarding quality of service delivered, profitability and available means
• Ensure that the appropriate quality of service is delivered to clients (according to quotation conditions)
• Ensure that no potential business with current clients is lost 
Manage usual clients relationship
• Validate/ Support Sales department actions for specific quotations (technical validation & tariff)
• Support Sales department when clients presentation
• Lead/ assist IFFM communication with the client in case of operational issue (potential or real)
• Involvement in credit control committee
• Validation of cash clients in the business software 
Monitor quality of service and profitability for the department
• Responsible for the achievement of budget goals in terms of gross margin, costs, disbursements, DSO and Quality of Service
• Review and analyse disbursements + involvement in disbursement control committee (request arbitrations or decision validation concerning files in anomaly) in collaboration with Disbursement Control Manager
• Update & review of invoicing lines (once a year minimum) 
Manage operational relationship with subcontractors
• In charge of operational relationship with selected subcontractors (excluding tariffs negotiation) including internal ones
• Organize and follow the quality of service delivered by the subcontractors & provide corresponding feedback to MOM
• Ensure the balance in terms of workload between subcontractors
Alert/Inform Management
• Implement specific organization/ control on major potential risks (temporary import, direct delivery, exemption process…) and perform a monthly follow-up at least, in collaboration with Customs Risks Manager
• Alert management in case of significant operational issue (huge impact on quality of service, on invoicing, on sensitive clients…)
• Inform his management of any information relevant regarding our business activity or environment
• Identify issues raised during operations processing whatever in his scope or not 
• International Freight Forwarding Manager
• International Freight Forwarding Officer
• Container Logistics Manager
• Customs Risks Manager
• Disbursement control Manager
• Statistics officers/ SuperU
• Archives
• QHSE department
• Front Office
• Transport & Project department
• HR department
• Finance department 
• Clients
• Subcontractors
• Group network
• Government Agencies
Experience Requirements
• Organized
• Natural Leader
• Team player
• Self Starter
• Problem Solver
• Technical curiosity
• Ability to drive a team to work to a common goal.

• At least 10 years’ experience in clearing and forwarding
• At least 5 years’ experience as a manager
• Good knowledge of Microsoft Office
• Good use of email
• Excellent communicator
• Degree holder

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