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Job Vacancies at CDM Smith

Published by Ajira Zetu tz on Wednesday, October 3, 2018


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Tanzania - Dar es Saalm
Job Description
The CDM Smith Operations Manager will schedule daily transport for project staff as needed. Driving will include in and around Morogoro, to and from Dar es Salaam, Ifakara, and the project sites. Duties will consist of maintaining a vehicle log, tracking all vehicle movement including destination/task, passenger(s), and similar information. The Driver will ensure adequate vehicle maintenance is performed and obtain approval from the Chief of Party to organize any mechanical or auto body repair work.

Primary Responsibilities:

1. Log each travel destination, passenger(s) name, times of departure/arrival, and fuel purchases.

2. Report any damage or dysfunction to the Operations Assistant and coordinate any necessary maintenance or repair to ensure maximum availability of vehicle.

3. Keep the vehicle’s interior and exterior clean.

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4. Ensure the vehicle is equipped with proper spare tire(s), jack and tire iron. In the event of a roadside breakdown/accident there should also be an adequate kit for breakdowns (triangles, flashlight, and jumper cables). Always have bottled water in the vehicle.

5.Communicate immediately with the project office if any emergency or other incident occurs.

6.Drive responsibly within legal speed limits and follow all traffic and parking regulations.

7. Operate in accordance with policies and procedures issued by CDM Smith, particularly with respect to vehicle safety.
Minimum Qualifications
Maintain a legal Tanzania driver’s license
Agency Disclaimer
All vendors must have a signed CDM Smith Placement Agreement from the CDM Smith Recruitment Center Manager to receive payment for your placement. Verbal or written commitments from any other member of the CDM Smith staff will not be considered binding terms. All unsolicited resumes sent to CDM Smith and any resume submitted to any employee outside of CDM Smith Recruiting Center Team (RCT) will be considered property of CDM Smith. CDM Smith will not be held liable to pay a placement fee.

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