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Job Vacancies at KILIFAIR Promotion Co. Ltd ,SolidarMed and Maurel & Prom

Published by Ajira Zetu tz on Friday, October 26, 2018

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Job Title: Maternal and Child Health Project Manager, Tanzania
SolidarMed is the Swiss Organization for the Health in Africa and improves health care for 1.5 million people in lethoso, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. SilodarMed strengthens and meaninfully expand existing health services.

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We have an excisting position for an experienced health professional to join our passionate team in Tanzania. For more details download PDF file through the link below:
 Production Superintendent Job Opportunity at Maurel & Prom
JOB PURPOSE: Directly reporting to the Field Manager, the Production Superintendent will:
Supervise and direct Production Supervisors and operational staff to sustain maintenance and production activities of existing wells and gas facilities. She/He will monitor production in the assigned areas and work to optimize the production in a safe and profitable way.
  • Manages production teams on a daily basis
  • Monitors and ensures a continuous and optimized daily gas production
  • Supervises and implements procedures for tie-in operations in the context of the field production capacity upgrade project
  • Acting as Responsible of Operation in the Permit-to-Work System, she/he knows the risks inherent to the installation, process and equipment. She/he leads the PTW Meeting and validates the demand for Work Permits
  • Active participation in Risk Assessments, Hazards, reviews of SIMOPS, etc… and firm commitment to Safety and Environment compliance
  • Supervises slickline campaigns (every 6 months)
  • Ensures well and process facilities integrity by organizing and supervising regular campaigns
  • Follows-up and supervises specific operations (i.e. requiring particular methods) such as: process facilities modifications, pipe laying and installation of new process facilities
  • Prepares daily, weekly and monthly production reports
  • Initiates procurement of production equipment, consumables and spare parts
  • Verifies invoices and costs of production activity, elaborates the yearly production budget
  • Participates in the recruitment of new employees
  • Trains, supervises and mentors all operating staff
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Engineering Degree or equivalent. Additional degree(s) is added advantage
Related Professional (short) courses is most beneficial.
Preferably 5-years’ experience in Oil & Gas
Strong understanding of petroleum process, equipment and Fluid Mechanics
Basic knowledge in Well Completion
Notions in Well Testing
Excellent computer skills (Excel, VBA, Word…)
Fluent in written and spoken English, as in French
Valid Driving License.
SKILLS Leadership
Capacity to summarize and to present
Analytical skills
Well-organized and methodical
Good communication and collaboration skills
Team player, persuasive and hard worker
Ability to work in multi-cultural environment
Responsiveness and initiative
Ability to work under pressure
Graphic Designer – KILIFAIR Promotion Co. Ltd
Company Description of our 2 companies
KILIFAIR Promotions Co. Ltd is the organizer of the largest Tourism Trade Fair in East Africa, which is held annually in June. Many print design & Website jobs are required here.
TOKU Tanzania Co. Ltd is a well-known wholesale distributor for Outdoor Equipment & Tanzania Merchandising to Tour Operators & Hotels in Tanzania and Zanzibar. The company features an international team, managed by a German Director. Office and warehouse facilities are located in Moshi / Kilimanjaro. Several product design jobs are required for the souvenir line as well.

TOKU Tanzania Co. Ltd & KILIFAIR Promotion Co. Ltd are offering immediately the position of a Graphic Designer (fully employed) to a motivated. Qualified and print experienced person who is ready to achieve new goals for the company and him/herself.  
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The person is responsible for the Following:
• Designing of Logos & Fair advertising items (poster, flyer, banners, stickers. layouts, booklets)
• Designing of customized maps of Tanzania National Parks & cities
• Responding to client requests by email and calls (in English)
• Optimizing current CI and create new concepts
• English speaking coordination processes with clients & in-house
• Updating websites with a Content Management System (CMS)
• Creating fresh and new ideas/concepts for product & packaging
• Handling designs from concept to delivery with printing companies
• Working closely with suppliers for shipping goods
Requested Qualifications:
• Working experience in the design sector with Certificates in Graphic design
• Advanced in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
• Experience with creating high resolution (30odpi) files for Offset Printing (ready to print
• Experience with MS Word, Power Point & Excel
• Language: English and preferable other language
• Creating mail shots for marketing purposes
• Handling and updating social media pages
Please submit your application with your introduction letter, inspiring CV & Portfolio to the
Managing Director of TOKU Tanzania / KILIFAIR Promotion Co. Ltd
TOKU Tanzania Co. Ltd
Managing Director – Mr. Tom Kunkler
PO. Box 6688 I Sekou Toure Way
Moshi / Tanzania.

tom@toku-tanzania.com / tom@kilifair.com
www.toku-tanzania.com / www.kilifair.com


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