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Career Vacancies at Camusat Tanzania

Published by Ajira Zetu tz on Friday, November 9, 2018

Country Managing Director
Job description
  • Contributes to the achievement of Group objectives and seeks to strengthen its brand image,
  • Responsible for the proper deployment of Group policies within its territory in connection with the Regional Managing Director,
  • Responsible for a profit center, makes the appropriate management decisions and guarantees the achievement of qualitative, quantitative, organizational and financial objectives in relation with regional and local support functions,
  • Ensures the commercial development through the diversification of Business Lines and clients, with a view to develop and recover the turnover and profitability of his/her profit center,
  • Defines the operational structure, ensures the management of the teams and ensures the right level of skills.

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• Responsible for the proper deployment of Group policies within its territory in relation with the Regional Managing Director
– Take part in the monthly Regional Management Committee for the area concerned; In connection with his/her manager, define objectives and actions to be undertaken, and monitor their application,
– Ensure compliance with all Group policies applicable (eg: Commercial, Finance, IT, Quality, CSR – EHS, Procurement, Legal, Communication, etc.).
• Responsible for a profit center, takes the appropriate management decisions and guarantees the achievement of the qualitative, quantitative, organizational and financial objectives related to regional and local support functions
– In close collaboration with the regional financial team and the Regional Administrative & Finance Director, propose and define the annual and revised budgets of the profit center under his/her responsibility, respecting the calendar and the support defined by the Group,
– After validation of the Regional Managing Director, decline the annual operational and financial objectives to its n-1,
– Define and implement all actions necessary to achieve the defined objectives.
• Ensure the commercial development through the diversification of Business Lines and clients, with a view to develop and recover the turnover and profitability of the profit center
– In close collaboration with his/her manager and Technical and Sales & Business Development Support, manage the deployment of the Group’s activities and ensure the diversification of the customer segment and business lines in order to ensure the long-term commercial:
Lead the commercial policy using the support provided by the Group Support,
Develop and deploy the commercial action plan,
Develop partnerships with clients (institutional, public and private),
Respond to calls to tenders while optimizing the profitability and working capital of all markets.
– Validate, sign commercial contracts and ensure their implementation. Ensure compliance with contractual clauses and ensure after-sales follow-up and any litigation,
– Ensure the billing as soon as possible as well as the recovery of receivables at maturity,
– Take all appropriate measures to reduce outstanding payments,
– In a continuous improvement, communicate permanently with his/her manager, on new clients’ needs identified within the geographical area under his/her responsibility in order to improve and (re)define the orientations and developments of the products and services offering.
• Define the operational structure, manage teams and ensure the right level of skills
• Manage the subsidiary ensuring:
– Compliance with Group policies and local regulations,
– Implementation of operational and qualitative procedures, from deployment to maintenance of client infrastructures (in collaboration with the Technical Group Support),
– The quantitative and qualitative adequacy between material means and human resources, in short and medium term,
– Achievement of financial objectives: turnover, Ebita, unpaid, working capital, etc.
– Customer satisfaction,
– Social climate.
• Ensure good relations with all stakeholders who influence the life of subsidiaries under his/her responsibility.
• Assume a managerial role with his/her direct employees: definition of objectives, follow-up of action plans and results, evaluation, …
• Promote recruitment, training and skills development of local employees (employees whose nationality is that one of the country where the subsidiary is established or permanently resident in this same country), identify and upgrade Talents and federate teams.


– Engineering College training specialized in telecommunications,
– And/or 5 years of a University Education in management, with a specialization in Industrial Engineering (industrial management, operations management…) or in construction/telecommunications,
– And/or MBA Business management,
– And completed by a diversified experience of minimum 5 years as a Head of Profit Center.
– Knowledge of telecommunications sector : products and services,
– Significant experience in team management,
– Strong interpersonal and business skills,
– Excellent knowledge of the geographical area offer: markets, technical nature of products, target prospects, local economy,
– Mastery of operating accounts,
– Skills in overall management of activities: management, economics, human resources…
– Knowledge of standards and regulations of security and quality (working conditions, environmental standards, fire safety…),
– Mastery of office software packages (PowerPoint, Excel, Word) and New Information and Communication Technologies (NICT),
– Fluency in English and/or French.
– Excellent communication / Reliability / Discretion and confidentiality / Attention to detail / Dynamism / Proactive approach / Availability / Ability to convince / Skilled negotiator / Persistent / Analytical and synthetic.

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