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New Jobs Shinyanga at The Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD)

Published by Ajira Zetu tz on Sunday, November 11, 2018

Background: The Shinyanga HIV Test & Treat project
The new WHO guidelines advocate the so-called ‘HIV Test and Treat approach’: immediate antiretroviral treatment (ART) for all HIV infected persons, independent of clinical stage or CD4 count. AIGHD has been awarded the task of scientific evaluation of a unique HIV T&T project in Tanzania, aiming to put 20,000 HIV patients on ART through T&T and decentralized ART provision through a Hub and Club model. The implementation of the Shinyanga HIV T&T project is led by an Italian NGO (Doctors with Africa CUAMM) through a network of Tanzanian healthcare providers, under the Diocese of Shinyanga. In this context, AIGHD, as the research partner, is responsible for performing multi-disciplinary operational research (clinical, epidemiological, economic and socio-anthropological) under the final guidance of a Principal Investigator (PI) from the United Kingdom and a co-PI from Tanzania.


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Hours: 40-hour work week, Full-time
Location: Shinyanga Region, Tanzania
The poition
The Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD) is looking for data manager who will be responsible for data collection and quality monitoring on an innovative HIV Test & Treat project in Shinyanga and Simiyu regions, Tanzania. One of the main sources of data for the research project is the standardized data collection by the all Care and Treatment clinics (CTCs) in Tanzania. Data collection is overseen by the PEPFAR implementing partners at regional level and operationalized by data clerks at CTC level. Clinic care and treatment data is provided to the National AIDS Control programme via an electronic data sharing system. For research purposes it is important that this standardized CTC data is collected to the highest possible standards at the four research sites. The senior data manger is responsible for high quality data collection trough monitoring and evaluating of data entry and data output and will therefore work closely together with the data entre clerks as CTC level and CUAMM’s data entry clerk. Furthermore, is the data manager responsible for liaison with the NACP and AIGHD data managers to ensure consistent and high-quality data within the Shinyanga and Simiyu regions, and with the University computer center database developed programmer for the development of additional databases. 

Main Responsibilities

The main responsibilities of the data manager are the day to day management of the data collection process and ensure high quality data collection.
1. Database and data entry management:
1. Developing a data management plan.
2. Developing and implement Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs)
3. Supervise AIGHD-supported data entry clerks
4. Supervise accurate and timely data entry and processing and conduct regular monitoring visit to the research sites.
5. Coordinate and align data entry and management processes with our local partners CUAMM, Ariel Glaser Pediatric AIDS Healthcare Initiative (AGPAHI) and the National Aids Control Program (NACP)
6. Coordinate and align with AGPAHI and the NACP about CTC2 related trainings and updates.
7. Provide training and on the job support to CTC and AIGHD supported data clerks. 
2. Basic data analysis and monitoring validation and quality assurance reporting:
1. Develop a data analysis plan
2. Perform consistency checks, data retrievals and write monthly database progress reports (in bullet format), indicating bottlenecks and successes and a full quarterly progress report.
3. Work with study team members on Case Report Forms development, data quality reviews, and review of tables/listings/figures and project reports 
3. Support CTC 2 database maintenance and development
1. Update and maintain the database systems including database security procedures
2. Regularly coordinate with the NACP database manger about user experience feedback, bugs and other issues related to data collection and entry.
3. Regularly coordinate with the database developer/programmer (UCC) around new versions of database, bugs, etc.
4. Support the database programmer (at UCC) in the development of research related databases 
4. Share learning and experience:
1. To contribute to knowledge sharing in the field of data management
Educational qualifications
• Academic level: University degree
Work experience
At least 3 years of professional experience in data management in research programs,
Additional requirements
• Ability to work-proactively and work well in a team
• Demonstrate excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Experienced in managing complex data projects
• Attention to detail, structured and well-organized
• Computer software skills – Microsoft Office (Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint)
• Willingness to travel within the project region frequently and to Dar es Salaam when needed


• Excellent command of both written and spoken English and Kiswahili; Kisukuma is an asset.
Location: Shinyanga, Tanzania
Employment: per immediate, until March 2022
Main Responsibilities
The main responsibilities of the Research Project Manager include the day-to-day management and support of all AIGHD research activities with emphasis on seamless coordination with CUAMM. More in detail, these responsibilities entail:
• Day-to-day management and coordination of the full AIGHD multidisciplinary operational research team, including Data Manager, Data Entry Clerks, local PhD students and other local AIGHD staff.
• Act as the local AIGHD representative and trusted counterpart for Doctors with Africa CUAMM, weekly coordination meetings both with Doctors with Africa CUAMM and AIGHD Amsterdam; regular coordination with local co-PI, and the facility staff of the Diocese of Shinyanga.
• Supervise, coordinate and represent the local AIGHD team of researchers and support staff.
• Coordinate all logistics related to travel and transport of AIGHD colleagues, both local and international visitors. Including accompanying the co-PI and or PI to health facilities (and testing campaigns if needed) during project visits.
• Coordinate procurement, installation, trainings, maintenance of medical equipment and supplies at the T&T Hubs and Clubs.
• Keep track of ethical clearance status of (additional) research; manage timely reporting to Tanzanian Ethical Board.
• Keep sound financial track of local expenditures, manage AIGHD local bank account and coordinate with AIGHD Amsterdam.
• Coordinate optimal working conditions (e.g. building, internet connectivity etc.) for local AIGHD staff and visitors.
• Build and expand relations with local stakeholders pertinent to the T&T project (RMO, DMO, AGPAHI, NACP, UCC, NIMR, etc.)
• Coordinate the contribution of the local AIGHD team to the bi-annual AIGHD T&T Progress Reports.
• Provide supervision to the AIGHD Data Manager to oversee the full data collection and data storage process, as well as data quality checking, data improvements with pertinent stakeholders, etc.
• Represent AIGHD during important Tanzanian events pertinent to the T&T project (e.g. with Diocese, Regional Medical Officer (RMO), District Medical Officer (DMO), etc.)
Educational qualifications
Academic level: Bachelor’s degree and/or qualifications that indicate senior project management experience (preferably with scientific programs).
Work experience
Proven experience (at least 5 years) working in international multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder projects, preferably in the field of HIV.

Expected skills/attributes

The suitable candidate has a proven track record project management leadership with excellent interpersonal communication skills. The candidate should be able to build and maintain excellent relations with both partner organization Doctors with Africa CUAMM as well as Diocese of Shinyanga and Tanzanian MOH, with an eye on developing a fully locally sustainable program in the years to come.

Additional requirements

• Demonstrate excellent leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.
• Develop and maintain excellent relations with local implementing partner Doctors with Africa CUAMM, have a clear eye for collaborative opportunities.
• Being visible, supportive, pro-active, while supervising and motivating the local AIGHD team.
• Ability to work independently with minimal (onsite) supervision
• Ability to balance the interests of AIGHD with those of all T&T project collaborators.
• Ability and credibility to coordinate and work effectively with Government public health officials.
• Strong knowledge of project development life cycles
• Attention to detail, structured and well-organized.
• Computer software skills – Microsoft Office (Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint).
• Willingness and possibility to relocate to / live in Shinyanga town and work at the T&T project offices at Ngokolo.
• Willingness to travel within the project region, Mwanza and to Dar es Salaam frequently as well as to Amsterdam when needed.
• Previous relation with stakeholders in this project is an asset
• The position is available per immediate.


• Excellent command of both written and spoken English and Kiswahili; Kisukuma is an asset.

Main Responsibilities

The main responsibilities of the data clerks is to capture qualitative and quantitative research data collected in the test and treat project and provided assistance in the data collection process when needed.
• Transfer data from paper formats into an electronic database system
• Review data for deficiencies or errors and correct any incompatibilities
• Translate and Transcribe audio recorded interviews
• Assist with preparations for data collection (e.g scanning documents and print files)
• Assist with research field work when needed
• Sort and organize paperwork after entering data to ensure it is not lost
• When needed provide data entry support in involved care and treatment facilities
• Ensure compliance with data integrity and security policies

Educational qualifications

• High school education or diploma in relevant field
Work experience
At least 1 year of relevant work experience
Additional requirements
• Attention to detail, structured and well-organized
• Ability to work-proactively and work well in a team
• Good communication and interpersonal skills
• Computer software skills – Microsoft Office (Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint)
• Experience with computer database system is a plus
• Experience with healthcare related data entry is a plus
• Excellent command of both written and spoken English and Kiswahili; Kisukuma is an asset.

Main Responsibilities

The PhD student will be responsible for analyzing and writing up (part of) the clinical and epidemiological research that is performed within the T&T project. In order to complete a PhD at the University of Amsterdam the PhD student will also need to complete all the requirements of the AMC Graduate School, including publication of a minimum of 3 first-authorship scientific papers in international peer-reviewed journals. The PhD student is expected to complete and defend a PhD thesis within 4 years.
The work will include the following tasks:
• Write PhD proposal, in collaboration with AIGHD supervisors and PI/co-PI
• Write concept notes with data analysis plans for each subproject
• Collaborate with local data manager and operational/clinical staff to gather and collate data required to analyze subprojects
• Coordinate studies with operational studies performed by Doctors with Africa CUAMM team
• Perform epidemiological and statistical analyses independently
• Write scientific papers, follow-up until publication
• Submit to and present research findings at national and international conferences, and apply for scholarships to attend conferences
• Write and publish PhD thesis
• Organize and participate in regular supervision meetings with supervisory team (face to face and via conference call)
• Maintaining close contact with all relevant co-investigators and study teams
• Participate in regular meetings with internal staff and core partners
• Contribute to all project reporting by AIGHD (to ethics committee, international donor, etc.)

Educational qualifications

Academic level: Medical degree or Master degree in Epidemiology, Public Health, Bio-Medical sciences or comparable

Work experience

At least 2 years of professional experience in HIV programs, preferably in the area(s) of monitoring and evaluation, (operational) research and/or (senior) project management. Experience with the following is an advantage: working with a (international) research institution, evidence of co-authorship of peer reviewed publications, and/or quantitative data collection, data management and analysis.
Additional requirements and desired skills
• Experience and affinity with public health programmes
• Ability to work proactively and independently with minimal supervision
• Ability to work well in a (multi-national) team
• Attention to detail, structured and well-organized
• Excellent computer software skills – Microsoft Office (Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint)
• Ability to develop and maintain efficient and effective working relationships among project staff and core partners
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Willingness to travel within the project region and to Dar es Salaam (occasionally) as well as to Amsterdam (for course work, and when needed) 
Excellent command of both written and spoken English and Kiswahili; Kisukuma is an asset.

AIGHD offers

AIGHD offers an excellent job opportunity in a cutting-edge working environment in global health and development and a salary in line with prevailing sector standards. For more information about the job description please contact Ilona Sips (i.sips@aighd.org) General questions, applications including CV and letter of motivation (in English) should be sent to HR Support (hrsupport@aighd.org).
Closing date: Friday 30 November 2018J2

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